Stages of life

Sheep and Lamb

Stages of a sheep’s life

  • Lamb; young sheep before its main teeth are cut.
  • Cade lamb; regional term for orphan lamb.
  • Fat lamb; ready for slaughter, from four months old.
  • Wether; castrated male.
  • Store lamb; lambs which didn’t reach slaughter weight in time for summer. ‘Fed on’ until heavier.
  • Shearling; regional term. Sheep up to first shearing at one year. Kept for breeding – named ‘first shearling’, ‘second shearling’ according to the number of times sheared.
  • Ram; Uncastrated male, more than six months old.
  • Tup; uncastrated male
  • Hogget; castrated male sheep, 10-14 months
  • Tegs; regional term, for fat lamb in season.
  • Gimmer, Theaves; regional terms, ewe not yet a mother
  • Ewe; female sheep of breeding age.
  • Cull ewe; female sheep at end of breeding life.