Cured Meats


The range on offer may vary weekly and seasonally, depending on what is available at the time. We will always have plenty of ham in the counter, which we cure and cook in our Yorkshire kitchen, and is sliced to order and to the thickness you prefer.


Whole legs of our own free range pigs, brined for a week and then steamed and baked with a sweet glaze.

Pressed tongue

Whole ox tongues, brined, poached and pressed into a slicing roll. Requires a slicing machine for best results.

Corned beef

We take aged rib caps – trimmed from a fore-rib of beef – and brine them for seven days. They’re then slowly poached before being pressed to make corned beef; worlds apart from the stuff you find in a tin. Requires a slicing machine for best results.


Silverside, brined for seven days, poached until tender and then pressed with a mix of mustard, vinegar and black pepper. To be thinly sliced.

Roast pork and roast beef

Roast pork from our own rare breed pigs, cooked through ready to slice as a cold cut.