The range on offer may vary weekly and seasonally, depending on what is available at the time.

Paté de campagne

Made with pork shoulder and belly, pork liver, marjoram, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper.

Pork rillettes

Pork, slowly cooked in pork fat with garlic, onion, white wine and salt and pepper, before being shredded into an unctuous, spreadable pate.

Jambon persille

Made in the traditional way with ham hocks, parsley and a proper trotter jelly.

Duck and pistachio pâté

A coarse duck and pork pate flecked with whole pistachio nuts and flavoured with a little thyme.

Chicken liver pâté

A smooth chicken liver pate, with a dash of brandy, garlic, thyme and seasoning.

Pork, apricot and brandy

A coarse pate of pork, pork liver and brandy-soaked apricots.

Smoked pigs cheek pâté

A well flavoured, fairly smooth pate made with slow-cooked smoked pig cheeks, a little liver, parsley, tomato and seasoning. Contains egg.