Chutney & Preserves



In March 2008 we bought a beautiful old butchery shop in Thornton Dale, a picturesque village a little over six miles from the farm. We only had butchers’ shops in London until this point, and thought it about time that we open something locally.

Tim Wilson has always had a hunch that you should never buy a butcher’s shop – either you take on the ghost of a failing enterprise and with it its reputation, or you alienate the existing clientele because you’re new. Whichever it was in this case, our new local butchery was closed after little more than a year – and with a long lease we needed a new plan.

When we bought the shop we inherited some of its staff, and among them was Julie – a fine cook, baker and preserve maker. When the butchery closed we decided to take a punt on Julie’s wonderful jams, pickles and chutneys, replacing the chopping block with a beautiful marbled-topped counter, installing an eight-ringed stove and turning the whole shop into a smart preserving kitchen. Julie has now retired from the jam making business, but her daughter Rachel continues to make different condiments, using fruit and vegetables grown in our own two-acre Victorian vegetable garden, supplemented with locally grown produce and a few more exotic ingredients we pick up at Rungis Market in France.

The preserves – some of which are designed to compliment particular meats, others we make simply because they’re delicious – are sold in the preserving kitchen and through our London shops. While some are available throughout the year, others are highly seasonal and, because we can only make small batches, only around for a few months. You’ll find many of our preserve recipes in our Farmhouse Cook Book.

  • Apple sauce
  • Tomato, apple & rosemary jam
  • Spicy pineapple chutney
  • Classic tomato chutney
  • Red pepper relish
  • Piccalilli
  • Caramelised red onion chutney
  • Bread and butter pickle
  • Chilli jam
  • Pickled onions
  • Traditional chutney
  • Tomato ketchup
  • BBQ sauce
  • Seasonal fruit jellies