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All done!

Hayley and the farm team have had a great lambing season; the mild weather has been a blessing this year.  The last of the sheep has lambed, and they are all turned out to the fields. Time to breathe a sigh of relief, and catch up on some much needed zzzzz’s!


We have welcomed back Cheryl who will help Hayley with the cows and sheep. Cheryl has previously spent a couple of years with us, but left a few months ago to focus on her own flock of sheep. I think she might have missed Maisy Moo (above) too much, and decided to come back.

Whilst Hayley is enjoying a few days off in Bruges (I think she had forgotten what a day off was!), the rest of Ginger Pig Yorkshire are mentally preparing themselves for a slightly different challenge…

Andy (our Health and Safety & Transport Manager) has been busy this month putting together a team of 17 eager volunteers to take part in a local annual Dragon Boat Race competition for charity (11th of June). We have already been allocated our positions: 16 of us are rowing, with a drummer at the front of the boat. I’ve been told that this is no mean feat, as you must grip the barrel with your legs to ensure you don’t fall off, whilst ‘drumming’ on the plastic drum to encourage your team mates. Quite glad that I am one of the rowers!

boat race

We have spoken about getting together and having a practice run before the big day, but unfortunately we haven’t all been free at the same time. I have a feeling this would have been a valuable exercise so we could suss out our strengths and weaknesses ahead of the big day, but it’s the taking part that counts, right?

Andy informs us that there have been a record number of entrants this year- 30 boats! This is great news for the organisers, and their respective charities, if not slightly more daunting for us. We have chosen to support a fantastic local mental health charity, Scarborough Survivors, and any donations would be hugely appreciated.

Wish us luck, and I will be back with an update (and plenty of photos) in due course.

Sarah x

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